Weight Loss Surgery

GHN is associated with Top Hospitals& Doctors in India doing Weight Loss Procedures for Adults as well as Pediatrics.

We have treated several patients suffering from being overweight and as you all know Obesity is something that invites other diseases to get into the Body.

We have treated many Patients from the Middle East, Africa, and SAARC nations with wonderful results. We have the world-renowned Doctors using the Most Advanced Technology when it comes to Weight Loss Procedures.


We have Highly reputed Doctors in the field of Bariatric Surgery in India. There are Three Types of Weight Loss Procedures that we perform in India:


Gastric Bending;

The procedure of placing a band around the Upper part of the stomach known as gastric banding surgery for weight loss, it became one of the most popular surgeries due to the increment of obesity in the world, it is because of the poor lifestyle and diet of today’s generation causing several diseases and as it is known that obesity is the beginning of all kinds of diseases so to get rid of it for Over weighted people the gastric banding surgery is done.

In gastric banding surgery, the reduction of the size of the stomach takes place so the surgery provides a limit for to stomach to hold the food, it consists of placing a band that is made of silicon & it is adjustable. This Band gets placed by laparoscopy.


Sleeve Gastrectomy;

This the one of the Quickest weight-losing Treatment Options, in which the stomach is reduced up to 25 % to its original size which results into reduction of the stomach size that it will bring down eating habits as the stomach will feel full after eating food at a small amount.


Gastric Bypass;

This is one of the weight–loss surgeries practiced at Our Hospitals in India, Gastric Bypass is done for patients who are not supposed to benefit from Sleeve Gastrectomy. In this surgery reduces the eating habits of a Person, the surgery helps to reduce stomach size by making changes in the small intestine and stomach food way, which results in weight loss.

This Surgery stops food from going into some parts of the stomach and small intestine so the body will stop absorbing important Components from the meal.