Best hospitals in India for Tanzanian Patients.

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Best hospitals in India for Tanzanian Patients.

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Top hospitals in india for tanzanians

We help you find the Best hospitals in India.

Global Healthcare Network is a Leading Healthcare Assistance Company in India with its North India Office in New Delhi & South India Office in Hyderabad.

GHN helps and assists Tanzanian Patients in searching Options for Quality & Affordable Medical Treatment in India. We can help you find the Best hospitals in India for Tanzanian Patients.

We have the best partner hospitals in india at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. We have some of the finest surgeons known all over the world operating successfully at our partner hospitals

Why Choose Us

High Quality Medical Care

GHN offers high quality medical services to the patients who travel to India for specialized medical treatment. The associated network Hospitals of GHN do have most advanced medical equipments to provide highest possible precision and accuracy for diagnosis and use of advanced machinery for best possible outcome of medical treatment.

Cost Effective Treatment

GHN aims to offer most cost effective treatment to foreign Patients. With a Network of Over 50+ Hospitals in India, For each Medical Opinion, A Treatment Cost Comparison analysis is done by team of Experts to help Patients with very reasonable prices for their treatment in India with No compromise at all on the quality of services.

Treatment Planning Assistance

Post sharing a suitable treatment Option with Patient, Team of experts at GHN ensure that the Patient gets continuously guidance and support from India over the Phone or Emails for them to plan for their travel to India. Our Helpline numbers are 24*7 active with an objective to assist Patients who are in India undergoing treatment and also those planning to travel to India for medical treatment.

Medical Visa Assistance

GHN facilitates for Medical Visa assistance through the network hospitals in India to Patients & the Medical Attendant. We arrange to send a Visa Invitation Letter to Indian High Commission so that the Patient could apply and get the medical visa for travelling to India.

Hand Holding Unmatched Person Care

GHN has a unique model of Patient care services to offer unmatched hand holding care to its Patients. There is a dedicated Case manager for each patient for hand holding assistance and coordination inside as well as outside the Hospital

Training Programs For Healthcare Professionals

GHN offers Skill development training programs to Medical Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare Professionals through its associated network Hospitals all across India. GHN provides end-to-end service to those who choose to opt for such programs.

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