Liver Transplant

In a Liver transplant surgical procedure, the failed liver is removed and it is replaced with a healthy one from a donor. Most liver transplant operations use livers from deceased donors,

However, a liver may also come from a living donor from family member. Liver is the organ that grows in size so the small portion of the liver that is received by the patient (recipient) grows in size with time to perform normal liver functions.


Which tests are required for Liver Transplant?

  • Blood Tests
  • Urine Tests
  • Heart Tests
  • Imaging Tests – Ultrasound of liver


Types of Liver Transplant surgery in India:

  • Hepatitis; In this type, swelling occurs in the liver. It happens because of infected water, infected food.
  • Cirrhosis; In this type, Liver is not functioning due to the long term damage. Liver gets failure due to many reasons.
  • Liver Cancer; In this type, liver cancer starts with the cell of the liver.
  • Liver Failure; In Liver failure, it will not functioning its normal metabolic functions.


Is Liver Transplant Successful?

As indicated by an examination, people who have a liver transplant treatment have a 89% percent possibility of living following one year. The five-year endurance rate is 75%.Here and there the transplanted liver may fail to working, or the original disease may return.

It is advised that patient should go for regular checkups after liver transplant surgery.

You’ll probably require blood tests. As indicated by Johns Hopkins, you’ll additionally have to take prescriptions for the rest of your life.

Patients outside India, prior to deciding on a liver transplant in India, should think about specific standards and guidelines:

  • The living donor should to be from your own country even your family member.
  • The endorsement measure for transplantation will be quicker if the donor is your family member.
  • The blood group and similarity factors should be same for patient and donor. Doctor taking up the case for transplant should have all the details in advance.

Success Rate Of Liver Transplant In India;

Success rate is over85% for liver transplant in India. There was a time in India when more than 200,000 individuals were dying consistently from liver failure diseases with no expectation of getting a transplant but today, with presence of Liver Transplant facilities, thousands of patients are given a new lease of life. People from all over the world prefer to travel to India for Liver Transplant due to Expertise, Advance Healthcare Infrastructure and Cost Effectiveness.


India has become one of the preferred destinations for patients seeking Liver Transplant Surgery, and the reason is presence of world-class hospitals, quality medical care with excellent outcomes and cost effectiveness, India offers low Cost Liver Transplant Treatment package in comparison to other medical travel destinations.

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