Heart Transplant

Heart transplant is a procedure in which a diseased heart is replaced with a healthier donor heart. Heart transplantation is a treatment that is usually reserved for people who have tried all medications or other surgeries, but their condition does not improve sufficiently.

While a heart transplantation is a major surgery, chances of survival are good.

India has the best medical facilities, techniques, Experienced &trained surgeons for heart transplantation, this has brought the country on the world map with several success stories of transplants. Advanced medical science techniques, development of immunosuppressive medicines and modes to manage acute heart rejection have added value in the growing number of successful heart transplants in India.

Please note that with all the developments, heart transplant remains a major surgery. If you or your loved one is recommended a heart transplant, it is normal to be confused with Several questions poping up in the mind related to surgery, donor heart, right choice of Hospital and doctors, and the expenses etc. It is always advised to a take well-informed decision.


Heart transplantation is performed when other treatments for a heart problem haven’t worked, leading to the heart failure. In Adults, Heart failure can be because of:

  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Weakening of the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy)
  • Valvular heart disease.
  • Heart problem Patient is born with (congenital heart defect)
  • Failure of a earlier heart transplant done.
  • In children, the heart failure is mostly caused by either a congenital heart defects or a cardiomyopathy.


Preparations of Heart Transplantation:

A Patient may begin preparing for a heart transplant weeks / months before he receives a donor heart.


Taking The First Steps:

If your doctor recommends that you need a heart transplant, you will need to look for a heart transplant center. When you are evaluating a heart transplant center, consider the number of heart transplantations the centre performs each year and the transplant recipient survival rates.

Also, consider the additional services provided by a transplant center. Once you decide on where you would like to have your transplant you should start making your Travel Arrangements to India.


Waiting For a Donor Organ:

If the Hospital in India determines that you are a good candidate for heart transplant, the Hospital will register you on a waiting list. While you are on the waiting list, your doctors will monitor your heart and the other organs, alter your treatment if necessary.


When a donor heart become available, the donor-recipient matching system consider these factors to make match:

  • Medical urgency of the potential recipients
  • Blood types (A, B, AB or O)
  • Antibodies the recipients may have developed
  • Size of the Donor organ
  • Time spent by patient on the waiting list


Immediately Before Your Transplant Surgery:

A heart transplantation usually needs to occur within 4 hours of organ removal for donor organ to remain usable. Because of this , Heart is offered first to a transplant Hospital nearby by, then to Hospitals within certain distances of the donor hospitals. The transplant Hospital will notify the Patient immediately when potential donor organ is available.

When a patient is notified, he and his transplant team have limited amount of time to decide on whether to accept the donation, Patient needs to travel to the transplant hospital immediately after being notified about the potential donation.

India has become one of the preferred Destination for Patients seeking Heart Transplant Surgery, Presence of world-class centers, Quality Medical Care with Excellent Outcomes and Low Cost Heart Transplant Treatment package in comparison to other Medical Travel Destinations like Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Canada, USA and UK etc.


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