Cardiac Care

Cardiac Care:

Cardiac Surgery;

A Surgery performed by Doctors correcting the Disorders of the heart is called Cardiac Surgery. It is done both of Adult as well as or Pediatric.

The Aim of the procedure is to make the heart function properly correcting the abnormalities of the Heart.

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GHN is associated with Top Hospitals in India for Cardiac Treatments of Adults as well as Paediactrics. We have treated number of patient suffering from different heart disorders with wonderful results. We have the world-renowned Doctors using the Most Advanced Technology when it comes to Treatment of Your Heart. We have Started Heart Transplant in India and many Patients from Middle east and Africa have undergone Successful heart Transplant.

We have the Best Doctors for Children with various cardiac Disorders, Our Doctors have been able to bring smiles on faces of large number of parents who has a short-lived happiness after the Birth of their Child. Our Highly Experienced Doctors have delivered the best results in handling some of the very complicated conditions in infants.

With World renowned Doctors and Top Class Hospitals having Excellent facilities, We are comfortably handling the most complicated cases of heart disorders and treating Patient who require Angioplasty, Open heart Surgery, Valve replacement, Pacemaker and Heart Transplant surgery in India.